The Git Package Manager

July 26, 2020   

The Git Package Manager

One of the most common things I do manually on my workstation is either install tools from Github by going to the releases, downloading the latest release and installing it or doing the same thing to update to a newer version of that tool.

Recently I decided that I should take a shot at automating this bit of monotony in my life, because if nothing else automating the things that are automatable is something engineers do best.

As such I present and the Github Org, the purpose of which are to develop and provide tooling for automating the problem of managing “packages” that are based on Github releases.

In the long term, I would also like to cover any other kind of Git repository by (hopefully) creating a standard way to express how to install your releases from the release artifacts.

The repo is where I’m starting a CLI for doing this and will continue to blog about things over the months as they come up. If you’re interested feel free to catch me on the git-pkg Gitter page.

For now I’m gonna be heads down working on the prototype in my free time. Happy coding!